“Abandon all attachment to the results of action and attain supreme peace.”

Neck & Shoulders
Hatha Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Health - 57 Min
Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Tension and Injuries - 14 Min
Feel Good Friday: Yoga for Neck & Shoulders - 14 Min
Back to School Shoulder Stretches - Yoga Sequence - 6 Min
Yoga for Your Shoulders 10 Minute Workout Routine - 10 Min
Beginners’ Yoga for Shoulder Strength with Melissa McLeod - 22 Min
Yoga Workout Beginners Home Chest & Shoulders Exercise Routine How To - 11 Min
Yoga for Heart Opening - 10 Min
Heart Opening 30 Min Yoga Class - 31 Min
Heart Chakra Yoga Sequence - 10 Min
Yoga for Firm and Shapely Arms and Shoulders - 9 Min
Arm Yoga Workout - 4 Min
Total Body Transformation Yoga: Hips and Arms - 11 Min
Yoga For Arm Strength: Part One (8Min) & Part Two (2 Min)
Yoga For Guitar Players — Arms, Wrists, and Fingers - 8 Min
Yoga for Back Strength - 7 Min
Yin Yoga for the Spine - 60 Min
Restorative Yoga For Back - Restoraflow - 40 Min
Yoga for Back Care - 15 Min
Yoga Workout | Low Back Pain Stretches Routine - 10 Min
Yoga for your back - 19 Min
Lower Back Relief - 17 Min
Yoga 4 Abs with Gillian B & Sebastian - 10 Min
Yoga for Abs and Core Strength - 8 Min
Yoga Abs Workout - 10 Min
Iron Yoga Abs & Closing Stretches - 15 Min (Note: Includes weights. If you dont have weights, use a can from the pantry or something similar.)
Yoga to Build Strong Abs - 7 Min
Hip Opening Yoga - 45 Min
Yoga Flow Hip Openers - 14 Min
Wall Yoga for Hips and Hamstrings - 12 Min
Yoga for Hip Pain and Stiffness - 17 Min
Butt, Hips & Thighs Warm up - 7 Min
Yoga Mania: Move those hips! - 12 Min
Office Yoga: Hip Release - 10 Min
Yoga for your Butt - 6 Min
Yoga Tone your Butt and Thighs - 4 Min
Denise Austin: Yoga Legs Workout - 10 Min
Gentle Yoga for Tight Legs and Hips - 20 Min
Yoga for Sexy Legs - 6 Min
Sleek Yoga Legs - 4 Min
Full Body/Full Classes:
Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown Level 1 - 35 Min
Weight Loss & Fatburning Yoga Workout - 20 Min
Yoga for Weight Loss - 20 Min
Yoga for Runners - 26 Min
Foundations in Flow Yoga Class with Fiji McAlpine - 48 Min
Connections to Core Power Yoga Class with Fiji McAlpine - 57 Min
Energizing Sunrise Practice - 38 Min
Power Yoga with Bryan Jones - 31 Min
Yoga Class with Logynn Northrhip  - 60 Min
Yoga Basics to Improve Alignment - 62 Min
Yoga for Beginners Two with Dr. Melissa West - 60 Min
Intermediate/Beginner: Lunch Time Yoga Class - 45 Min
Enjoy :)
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I was so honored to be tagged by @yogitoes123 and @robinmartinyoga for I discovered yoga when I was really struggling in life. After each yoga practice, I found myself in a pool of sweat and tears after reaching savasana, and I asked myself, “Why am I crying? Is this normal?” That’s when I fell in love with yoga. Why? Because practicing yoga reminds me of a roller coaster ride full of emotions. Happiness and sadness. Laughing and crying. Inspiration and frustration. Relaxation and tension. Somehow, yoga helps me find my balance. My mat becomes my sanctuary, wich allows me to reflect on the past, present, and future. It supports me and always has my back, wether it’s a good day or not. It teaches me to be patient, to let go, and to incorporate yoga into my daily life. When life gets out of hand and I start to loose myself, I can always count on my breath and my practice to find myself and keep me grounded. Yoga makes me a better person inside and out. Why do you practice? @edimes @elainapalmer @langjo1117 by lanikai123 via Instagram http://instagram.com/p/g9TfhsxWF1/
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since everything is a reflection of our minds…. everything can be changed by our minds - buddha
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“The period between four and six in the morning is called the Brahmamuhurta, the Brahmic time, or divine period, and is a very sacred time to meditate.” ― Swami Satchidananda, The Yoga Sutras The photographer ~ Anatoly Bisinbaev Yoga Inspiration on FB and IG
Anonymous said: Hi! I love your blog it really inspires me to do yoga. Do you have any tips or advice for beginners in the yoga practice?


Hi ! Thank you !

Yes I have some advices :

Be curious, get the more informations you can : read books about yoga, take classes in a studio if you can, on Youtube ( yoga with adriene, doyouyoga, erin moth are my favorites), on doyogawithme.com, yoga journal, or free trial on yogaglo. 

Learn the basics, take beginner classes. Don’t be impatient and put yourself at risk. Don’t get frustrated and feel bad because you are not flexible/strong. It’s normal when you start, and not being able to do something now means you are going to have so much fun and little victories in the future ! See that this way.

Yoga is a physical practice, but above all a way to feel good about yourself/your body/your capacities/ your personality. 

have fun and feel good !

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There is a silence in my heart. In my heart there is silence. It flutters with gratitude for this empty space in between.

#love #peace #light #yoga
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